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Submitted type to Salford Type Foundry

Freelance jobs:

Logo for a web company

Designed a poster for an environmental team

Designed a logo for a beauty saloon

Logo for a production company

First Cut at  Manchester City Gallery

Common  Bar exhibition

Cornerhouse exhibition

BCN:MCR: Launch Night  at  2022NQ

Daniel Cheethams Photography Exhibition at Bench

Whithworth Gallery visit

Attended Edition: Dr.Me, Savwo University of Salford Students  exhibition

Lanterns  at Soup Kitchen

Visited Richard Goodall Gallery

Set up a Behance Profile

Wheatsheaf pub meeting, industry professionals 


Pub Quiz at Wheatsheaf Pub

Pub Quiz at Wheatsheaf Pub


10 honey packaging designs and their designers I specially like the Stanley Honey concept, a sustainable, reusable approach.

Stanley honey I thought this was a really beautiful idea, not just selling the product, but a means to make it sustainable

Edward Okun



 Mash Creative    |

“The poster uses a halftoned photo taken at the world’s largest Heavy Metal Rock Festival ‘Wacken’ by International Photographer Tom Solo. The fluro orange and pink quotes are by none other than Bob Dylan and Kurt Cobain. A poster set designed by Mash Creative, using photography by Tom Solo and Screen Printed by Daniel Mather. Strictly limited edition of just of 25 copies each.”

Mash Creative is an independent design studio based in East London/Essex. We work on creative projects that include identity & branding, print media and web design. In a short space of time we have acquired a reputation for producing innovative and effective graphic design that is engaging, clear and relevant.

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Great posters! Reminds me of my final ‘stop crime’ screenprint posters, with digitak highly pixelated images under a screenprint layer of big clear type. I used Bebas Nue as I found it the most ideal font to match my imagery - feeling inspired to do some more of these throughout easter!

using gradients in adobe illustrator